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  1. link Mimimouse65
    info in med
    i was put on this medicine toderay...i have never even heard of this medicine before so i am very curious...i have been on severalpain medications for - 49% more...
    Mimimouse65- over a year ago - in Kadian
  2. link Drussini60
    what is in Kadian
    What is in Kadian? Please let me know. As a friend said it is morphine and dilaudd. I need to know please. I am worried about her. Her doctor gave her - 10% more...
    Drussini60- over a year ago - in Kadian
  3. link Timothy50
    #1 Is severe leg pain a symptom of withdrawal when you d/c Kadian #2 How long can the symptoms of Kadian withdrawal last #3 What medications can be gi - 21% more...
    Timothy50- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Kadian
  4. link Headachegal
    Kadian valium, horrendous headaches, negative side effects, morphine sulfate, breakthrough pain
    Initially I was fine when taking Kadian w/several morphine sulfate tabs for breakthrough pain. Was also taking 5 MG Valium since being treated for chr - 74% more...
    Headachegal- over a year ago - in Kadian
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