Kefurox Side Effects

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  1. link Gagliano31
    Kefurox rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, cefuroxime, throat infection, 18 year old
    I am wondering if anyone has ever reported that within a week or so of finishing a course of cefuroxime, a joint pain flare-up similar to a first attack of rheumatoid arthritis has occured. My 18 year old daughter just finished a course of cefuroxime - 29% more...
    Gagliano31- over a year ago - in Kefurox
  2. link Cosminb29
    kefurox in pregnancy
    i'd like to know the side efects of kefurox administrated in first month of pregnancy. Thank you.
    Cosminb29- over a year ago - in Kefurox