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  1. link Audrarolf
    Have they stopped making Kemadrin?
    Does any one know if they have stopped making the drug Kemadrin? My father has been taking it for Parkinsons and his pharmacist just informed him it i - 27% more...
    Audrarolf- over a year ago - in Kemadrin
  2. link Cindy62
    Where to purchase Kemadrin now?
    My husband has been taking Kemadrin successfully for years and suddenly our pharmacy says it is no longer available. His symptoms are returning and we - 35% more...
    Cindy62- over a year ago - in Kemadrin
  3. link Denniso
    kemedrin withdrawal
    I want to stop taking Kemedrin and wonder what the withdrawal may be and what I can expect to go through. Also are they stopping the production of Kem - 8% more...
    Denniso- over a year ago - in Kemadrin
  4. link Foloha
    please send my info about this drug.efficts.chime structure and other info thanks/ lobna
    Foloha- over a year ago - in Kemadrin
  5. link Amikamp
    Kemadrin obsessive compulsive disorder, cognitive capabilities
    paranoid ideations, obsessive compulsive disorder,reduced cognitive capabilities
    Amikamp- over a year ago - in Kemadrin
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