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  1. link Lacey12
    Klor-Con tiredness, dizziness
    Dizziness, tiredness , and no energy.
    Lacey12- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
  2. link Acguinn0215
    side effects
    I switched from KlorCon to Klorcon M10 and now suffer from nausea and loose stools. Does anyone else have that problem?
    Acguinn0215- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
  3. link Katheriane
    Sweetener in Klor-Con powder
    What kind of sweetener has been added? Whatever it is is so sweet I have almost given up on taking it. The one I am talking about is manufactured by U - 28% more...
    Katheriane- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
  4. link Capnkz
    Klor-Con klor con
    I started taking Klor-Con about 2 months ago. Since that time I have added about 15 pounds. I have been dieting and exercising., After taking the pill - 39% more...
    Capnkz- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
  5. link Boken
    KLOR-CON M20
    How many mgs. of potassium are in each tablet of KLOR-CON M20
    Boken- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
  6. link Hutchinp
    Klor-Con drugs one, klor con, weight gain, torsemide, mother in law
    My Mother-in-law takes six drugs, one of which is Klor-Con, and has experienced extreme weight gain. Other drugs are Imipramine, Torsemide, Plavix, Le - 29% more...
    Hutchinp- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Klor-Con
  7. link Samrowe1
    Because my potassium was very low. My Dr. ordered me to take 40 MEQ equalivent of klor-con 3 times aday, for three days. Is this safe?
    Samrowe1- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
  8. link Rocnrolhrt
    Klor-Con hands
    extreme numbing sensitation in hands
    Rocnrolhrt- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
  9. link Ruridgesd1
    Klor-Con bad taste in mouth
    bad taste in mouth example bitter
    Ruridgesd1- over a year ago - in Klor-Con
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