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  1. link Teresa79
    can klor con damage my heart?
    I was prescribed klor con 3 yrs ago because my potassium was dangerously low and I had periodic paralysis.I have been taking it since then and am not - 58% more...
    Teresa79- over a year ago - in Klor-Con 10
  2. link Ginger51
    can't swallow
    Can I cut into small pieces and swallow? If not why?
    Ginger51- over a year ago - in Klor-Con 10
  3. link Vistacal
    My wife takes Klor-Con and the pills do not dissolve, they just pass through her. Any solution?
    Vistacal- over a year ago - in Klor-Con 10
  4. link Patsyabel423
    side effect of Klor-con10
    Is it possible that since taking the medication I have developed a terrible metal taste in my mouth and I cannot seem to taste anything since beginnin - 64% more...
    Patsyabel423- over a year ago - in Klor-Con 10
  5. link Easswansong55
    Klor-Con 10 potassium level, high potassium, klor con, outer skin, absorb
    A round yellow pill with "klor-con 10" printed on pill; I had trouble digesting the tablet. my potassium level would drop too low. Up to 6 t - 70% more...
    Easswansong55- over a year ago - in Klor-Con 10
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