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  1. link Musique96
    Foot/Ankle Swelling
    I've been taking Klor-Con 8meqs for about 8 months. I was given this due to my Crohn's disease - I have always had low/nornal blood pressure, but I ha - 81% more...
    Musique96- over a year ago - in Klor-Con M10
  2. link Yoli29
    Swelling feet and leg
    Why was I giving this medication.How does this help.I also have HBP.Thank you Abraham.
    Yoli29- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Klor-Con M10
  3. link D1lolam
    OTC substitution for Klor-Con M10
    Is there an over the counter substitution for Klor-Con M10 that I can take as I currently have no medical insurance and cannot afford doctor's visits - 15% more...
    D1lolam- over a year ago - in Klor-Con M10
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