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  1. link Jkelley54
    Lamisil kidneys, blood pressure
    I am currently taking lamisil and today my blood pressure spiked so high it hurt my lower back and kidneys
    Jkelley54- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  2. link A2nett
    Lamisil dark purple, rash on
    started with rash on wrist, then ended up covering my whole body, then turned from red to dark purple & then peeling after that, has been a month - 13% more...
    A2nett- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  3. link Jsteuernagel
    Lamisil tingling and numbness, torso, legs
    tingling and numbness in torso and legs
    Jsteuernagel- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  4. link Holysmoke
    Lamisil thick layer, dermatologist, peeling, hair dryer, lamasil
    I took lamasil for about 30 days and then all the skin on my hands began to peel off. A very thick layer of skin began to peel off. About one week lat - 80% more...
    Holysmoke- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  5. link Medquestionsrme
    lamisil and cymbalta
    Do lamisil and cymbalta combo hurt the liver if no alcohol used? Will lamisil still work?
    Medquestionsrme- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  6. link Togihill
    Lamisil heart issues, heart specialist, anti fungal medications, heart problems, multivitamin
    I took Lamisil in 1999 with no problem, but then, about 6 years ago I was taking Lamisil again and had some heart issues. I was taking a multivitamin - 79% more...
    Togihill- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lamisil
  7. link Lynn2
    Lamisil and irratibility
    My husband has been taking Lamisil for 6wks and right after starting the medicine he became irratible. Has anyone else notice irratibility as a side e - 4% more...
    Lynn2- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  8. link Srusso39
    Lamisil nail infection, moodiness, irritability
    I have experienced moodiness, irritability and stomach pains. However, the drug is clearing up my nail infection.
    Srusso39- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  9. link Ppyzikiewi
    Lamisil hard to swallow, diarrhea, headaches
    Hard to swallow. MOODY AND IRRITABLE. Diarrhea-headaches.
    Ppyzikiewi- over a year ago - in Lamisil
  10. link Briantheforsaken
    Does Lamisil affect taking medication for High Blood Pressure and will it affect your liver?
    Briantheforsaken- over a year ago - in Lamisil
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