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  1. link Shrikn
    Lanolin Side Effects on Baby
    Can Lanonin USP (Modified) used in Nipcare cream (By Neon Laboratories Ltd) have side effects on baby after feeding baby (after application of cream)? if mother of baby is using the cream for relief from cracked/dried or sore nipple & if nipples - 34% more...
    Shrikn- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lanolin
  2. link Janhavi
    Hi...i came across your post while searching for the same reason.. ... i had confidently breastfed my 9 months old child with Lanonin USP (Modified) cream on.. I am using the same Nipcare cream manufactured by Neon Laboratories Ltd which you had used - 30% more...
    Janhavi- over a year ago