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  1. link J1961
    Connection between tooth decay and Leukeran?
    My husband has CLL and has to take a course of Leukeran about once a year to decrease the number of white blood cells. We have noticed that he has had - 67% more...
    J1961- over a year ago - in Leukeran
  2. link Bj
    Leukeran autoimmune condition, cancer drugs, hyperthyroidism, remission, secondary cancers
    I took Leukeran for approximately 7 months in addition to Prednisone. This was 20 years ago and several of my doctors believed this put my autoimmune - 86% more...
    Bj- over a year ago - in Leukeran
  3. link Clyde-annettte
    Leukeran secondary cancers, heart beat, great years, annette, cancer
    I have a question about leukeran. I took it for 15 yrs great years I might add. I went off the drug in 1995 and now I am having probems again. The doc - 75% more...
    Clyde-annettte- over a year ago - in Leukeran
  4. link Asilve3367
    Leukeran wks
    i took leukeran for 3 wks with no effects at all
    Asilve3367- over a year ago - in Leukeran
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