Leukine Side Effects

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  1. link Hbarsky
    Leukine benadryl, injection site
    At injection site (after first 7 injections): I have experienced redness, itching and swelling approximately 18 hours after the injection.. This goes away about 3 days later. Caladryl or Benadryl does not seem to help..
    Hbarsky- over a year ago - in Leukine
  2. link Coach2
    Leukine joints
    Have been taking for two years and my joints seem to get quite sore after about the 12th day of the 14-day session monthly.
    Coach2- over a year ago - in Leukine
  3. link Hbarsky
    Leukine for Melanoma prevention
    I recently had a melanoma removed from my heel.. and all lymph nodes removed from groin.. (two tested positive). Is Leukine effective as a preventative medication for further melanomas.. please also respond to: (email)******
    Hbarsky- over a year ago - in Leukine
  4. link Val98
    Leukine dad, cancer, stage iii, melanoma
    I have nothing but positive side effects that my dad is experiencing over the last two years on Leukine. He has tremendous energy. Cancer free for two years. Metestatic melenoma. Hair on his head turned from white to the jet black color he had when h - 6% more...
    Val98- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Leukine
  5. link Sharmon
    my husbands dr took him off after 1 year. we want to take it for two years for melanoma stage III. who is your dr?
    Sharmon- over a year ago
  6. link Norealdiagnosis
    Leukine vertigo headache, warm sensation, upper back pain, upper stomach, tingling skin
    Temp of 102.5, severe shaking from chills to sweating, upper back pain in muscles and spine, diarrhea, fatigue, tingling skin, vertigo, headache within 3 minutes of shot felt warm sensation in upper stomach and throat similar to dye contrast with CT - 2% more...
    Norealdiagnosis- over a year ago - in Leukine
  7. link Lnorris
    Density of leukine
    What is the weight density of leukine in terms of grams per cubic centimer?
    Lnorris- over a year ago - in Leukine
  8. link Pkoogler
    Leukine puffy eyes, injection site, rash
    rash, red puffy eyes, itch all over, severe at injection site
    Pkoogler- over a year ago - in Leukine
  9. link Kathys21
    Leukine for Crohns disease
    Am currently taking Leukine and was wondering if anyone had any input, side effects, etc.
    Kathys21- over a year ago - in Leukine