Levall Side Effects

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  1. link Pixielou
    Levall decreased appetite
    I've only been taking Levall for a few days, but i've noticed that it has made me a lot more irritable, and I have had a decreased appetite.
    Pixielou- over a year ago - in Levall
  2. link Lovelissa78
    Levall hard time
    this medicine needs to be taking in the moring only. i haveing very hard time with my sleep and im so sick i rather rest.
    Lovelissa78- over a year ago - in Levall
  3. link Blah519
    Levall orgasms
    Strong orgasms after taking it. Been taking four a day now
    Blah519- over a year ago - in Levall
  4. link Kdhart
    Levall lower abdominal cramps, hive, tense
    After the first couple of day of taking Levall, my vaginal begin to get very very tense and tight. It did make me drowsy and sleep for many hours. I also notice hive during my night dose and lower abdominal cramps.
    Kdhart- over a year ago - in Levall
  5. link Bpmeds
    Levall go to sleep, conjestion, stuffy head, tink
    I have been taking Levall for 3 days and have had no major side effects, I tink when i go to sleep I am not sleeping as long, I wake after a few hours. They are working great with the stuffy head and conjestion.
    Bpmeds- over a year ago - in Levall
  6. link Besynim
    Levall nice feeling, erection, half hour
    My throat became numb after about a half hour. Than i felt a nice feeling in my pants and i became terribly aroused. Shortly after i had a raging erection which i began to rub like the doctor told me to. She was a female and it was great... Thanks la - 8% more...
    Besynim- over a year ago - in Levall
  7. link Kam_henson2000
    Levall worked well for me. After two doses I felt much better. I did not get sick with this pill.
    Kam_henson2000- over a year ago - in Levall
  8. link Stanky887
    Levall good job, lightheaded, wide awake, cough
    I took the liquid Levall 5.0 at night because it made me tired and a little lightheaded. The Levall pills, however, did not make me tired. In fact, they did the opposite and kept me wide awake after only getting 5 hours of sleep. Both did a good job - 10% more...
    Stanky887- over a year ago - in Levall
  9. link Shanique23
    The top of my lip starts burning after taking LEVALL
    Shanique23- over a year ago - in Levall
  10. link Conniesue0103
    I have had a great response to this drug. No problems so far
    Conniesue0103- over a year ago - in Levall
  11. link Tori.rowe
    Levall mood swing, major mood, medication
    I become extremely depressed and upset after taking Levall.. Im pretty sure it had to do with the medication, I had a major mood swing..
    Tori.rowe- over a year ago - in Levall
  12. link Kcorneil
    Levall night terrors, kerri, cough, rn, medication
    My four year old has been experiencing night terrors since taking this for cough. they are not every night, but they happen once or twice a week. He has never experienced this prior to the medication and no other changes have been made to his diet or - 12% more...
    Kcorneil- over a year ago - in Levall
  13. link Janis.lane
    Levall nauseous, vomiting, acquired, headache
    I acquired a tremendous headache, became nauseous, and began vomiting shortly after taking Levall. I took three doses and became ill each time. I realized then it was the Levall and quit taking it - all symptoms subsided.
    Janis.lane- over a year ago - in Levall
  14. link Gammill1
    Levall dry mouth, sleepiness
    The only side effect I had when using Levall was dry mouth. And perhaps a bit sleepiness towards the end of the day. I was taking one in the morning and one at night.
    Gammill1- over a year ago - in Levall
  15. link Munchkinsmommi
    My heart started beating extremely fast and I started having sharp pains shoot through my chest.
    Munchkinsmommi- over a year ago - in Levall
  16. link Chaviswj
    Levall sick to my stomach, leval
    I have been taking Leval for the past two days. Shortly after taking my morning dose today I became sick to my stomach. About an hour after my my nightime dose I became sick to my stomach and vomited.
    Chaviswj- over a year ago - in Levall
  17. link Teanagw
    Levall elixer, 30 minutes
    My throat felt numb and began to itch shortly after taking the elixer. I only took it about 30 minutes ago. Hope I make it!
    Teanagw- over a year ago - in Levall
  18. link Jghgrl1
    Levall narcotic drug, sinusitus, addictive, cough, withdrawal
    I am worried that Levall is a narcotic drug and if it is addictive? I don't won't to take something that has a numerous amount of side effects and withdrawal causes. Please send me an answer as soon as you can; therefore, I will know whether or not I - 23% more...
    Jghgrl1- over a year ago - in Levall
  19. link Porkchops_1957
    Levall cold chills
    cold chills
    Porkchops_1957- over a year ago - in Levall
  20. link Godsgift
    Should this be given to infant .
    Godsgift- over a year ago - in Levall
  21. link Sliverpix
    Levall sick to my stomach
    I became sick to my stomach, and then vomited shortly after taking Levall. There was no other noticeable sie effect.
    Sliverpix- over a year ago - in Levall