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  1. link Amyaxel
    levbid otc?
    I work in the pharmacy and we have been having an issue receiving brand (levbid) or generic (hyoscyamine) 0.375mg, is it going over the counter? Why i - 24% more...
    Amyaxel- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levbid
  2. link Lgrant
    What is Levbid
    What is Levbid used for?
    Lgrant- over a year ago - in Levbid
  3. link Ljowerling
    Has anyone experienced depression or anxiety symptoms as a result of taking Levbid ER?
    Ljowerling- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Levbid
  4. link Juboyle1
    Levbid cause hives, ears and eyes, forearms, armpits, shampoo
    Does levbid cause hives? Four days after starting Levbid I developed hives on scalp, palms of hands, forearms and wrists, in ears and eyes, shoulders - 55% more...
    Juboyle1- over a year ago - in Levbid
  5. link Bugfish
    just starting
    I have just been switched to Levbid from Bentyl (ineffective). I have had IBS for about 12 years but have experienced EXTREME bloating of the upper ab - 36% more...
    Bugfish- over a year ago - in Levbid
  6. link Bettydehart
    Levbid heart palpatations, sun heart, mouth nose, dry mouth, godsend
    dry mouth/nose, sensitivity to sun, heart palpatations but they stopped after first week. this medication is a godsend for my IBS, it's worth the side - 6% more...
    Bettydehart- over a year ago - in Levbid
  7. link Jeanettegood
    Became so tired - I couldn't function - muscles so weak. Two weeks after taking, I am still weak and tired but not as much.
    Jeanettegood- over a year ago - in Levbid
  8. link Jacki
    Levbid hyoscyamine
    Can Levbid or generic (Hyoscyamine) cause your throat to close up?
    Jacki- over a year ago - in Levbid
  9. link J.corcoran411
    Levbid shakey, diarrhea, weakness
    diarrhea, shakey & weakness
    J.corcoran411- over a year ago - in Levbid
  10. link Joan_patton
    Levbid breakout, acne
    Can levbid cause a major breakout of acne on the face? Never had problems before, but now after taking levbid I have more of a breakout.
    Joan_patton- over a year ago - in Levbid
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