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  1. link Amyaxel
    levbid otc?
    I work in the pharmacy and we have been having an issue receiving brand (levbid) or generic (hyoscyamine) 0.375mg, is it going over the counter? Why is it unavailable and on long term back order?
    Amyaxel- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levbid
  2. link Freckles385
    I'm not sure, but if you do find out, can you let me know? I've got a lot of patients on this med who are curious and I'd like to be able to tell them something more than "long term mfg backorder." email me at freckles385@yahoo.com --Thanks!!
    Freckles385- over a year ago
  3. link Lgrant
    What is Levbid
    What is Levbid used for?
    Lgrant- over a year ago - in Levbid
  4. link Ljowerling
    Has anyone experienced depression or anxiety symptoms as a result of taking Levbid ER?
    Ljowerling- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Levbid
  5. link Tt07
    sorry i forgot to ask what are your symptoms of depresstion and anxiety??thanks tt xx
    Tt07- over a year ago
  6. link Tt07
    hi there iv been taking citalopram 20mg for depression and anxiety and they make you feel horrible so what ever you do let it ride out its self take my word for it and dont start taking any med for it. Is there any body out there that i can chat with - 23% more...
    Tt07- over a year ago
  7. link Juboyle1
    Levbid cause hives, ears and eyes, forearms, armpits, shampoo
    Does levbid cause hives? Four days after starting Levbid I developed hives on scalp, palms of hands, forearms and wrists, in ears and eyes, shoulders and armpits. The first day I had them briefly on my stomach and back. This might be a reaction with - 25% more...
    Juboyle1- over a year ago - in Levbid
  8. link Bugfish
    just starting
    I have just been switched to Levbid from Bentyl (ineffective). I have had IBS for about 12 years but have experienced EXTREME bloating of the upper abdomen for about 10 months. I just want to learn of others experience with this drug.
    Bugfish- over a year ago - in Levbid
  9. link Bettydehart
    Levbid heart palpatations, sun heart, mouth nose, dry mouth, godsend
    dry mouth/nose, sensitivity to sun, heart palpatations but they stopped after first week. this medication is a godsend for my IBS, it's worth the side effects
    Bettydehart- over a year ago - in Levbid
  10. link Jeanettegood
    Became so tired - I couldn't function - muscles so weak. Two weeks after taking, I am still weak and tired but not as much.
    Jeanettegood- over a year ago - in Levbid
  11. link Jacki
    Levbid hyoscyamine
    Can Levbid or generic (Hyoscyamine) cause your throat to close up?
    Jacki- over a year ago - in Levbid
  12. link J.corcoran411
    Levbid shakey, diarrhea, weakness
    diarrhea, shakey & weakness
    J.corcoran411- over a year ago - in Levbid
  13. link Joan_patton
    Levbid breakout, acne
    Can levbid cause a major breakout of acne on the face? Never had problems before, but now after taking levbid I have more of a breakout.
    Joan_patton- over a year ago - in Levbid