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  1. link Jboone
    how old is libruim ?
    how old is libruim ?
    Jboone- over a year ago - in Librium
  2. link Sheila_brown1
    Librium kno, fir, coz, zoloft, kinda
    i have been taking libruim for 10 yrs and 5 mo 10 mg daily capsules and now the DR says its time to do a change so he put me on 5mg libruim and 25 mg - 68% more...
    Sheila_brown1- over a year ago - in Librium
  3. link Tmwspy
    Librium adult male, urin, detox, medication, duration
    I'm asking what the duration of librium in the body (blood and urin) would be in an adult male around 180lbs and was taking this medication for about - 14% more...
    Tmwspy- over a year ago - in Librium
  4. link Elainebegger
    what are the side effects of an overdose of librium
    Elainebegger- over a year ago - in Librium
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