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  1. link Mouse11
    itch from lidoderm patch
    This year off and on I have used Lidoderm patches on my glutes for pain from sciatica, worked pretty good, but this last week I started using them aga - 57% more...
    Mouse11- over a year ago - in Lidoderm
  2. link Jfarr1085
    lidoderm patch for pain after shingles
    my doctor prescribed the patch for my upper arm 4 months after i was diagnosed with shingles. i have been using it for the past 3 weeks and id on't se - 33% more...
    Jfarr1085- over a year ago - in Lidoderm
  3. link Mmuller
    Lidoderm pain in my head, light headedness, chills
    severe light headedness with pain in my head and one ear, also extreme chills on and off during the day.
    Mmuller- over a year ago - in Lidoderm
  4. link Jennychiesa
    Lidoderm lidoderm patch, tiny bumps, rash, hands and fingers, arms and legs
    I have developed a rash which has the appearance of tiny bumps, some look like they may contain liquid. They itch and there are a number of them all o - 53% more...
    Jennychiesa- over a year ago - in Lidoderm
  5. link Rincewynd6
    a very itchy area under and around patch
    Rincewynd6- over a year ago - in Lidoderm
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