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  1. link Rvanart157
    lipram pn 20
    i started out taking 2 each meal but didnt do much. doc. said i could take 4 each meal and that helped. anybody use creon? how does that work?
    Rvanart157- over a year ago - in Lipram
  2. link Michi_alvarez
    Conocer las diferentes oncentracion de Lipram, me urge saber sobre la de concentracion: Lipasa 20,000, Amilasa 65,000, Proteasa 65,000 U.I, capsulas, - 20% more...
    Michi_alvarez- over a year ago - in Lipram
  3. link Jard68
    Lipram sleepyness
    nausca sleepyness
    Jard68- over a year ago - in Lipram
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