Lithobid Side Effects

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  1. link Princess2aa
    Lithobid back of my neck, stomache, shakes, rash on
    the shakes, stomache,a rash on my chest and on the back of my neck.
    Princess2aa- over a year ago - in Lithobid
  2. link Rivambm
    Lithobid hand tremors, dry mouth, twitches
    hand tremors, decreased balance, dry mouth and eyes, twitches
    Rivambm- over a year ago - in Lithobid
  3. link Rocahotgirl
    Rocahotgirl- over a year ago - in Lithobid
  4. link Zincke
    Response to party just starting Lithobid.
    I have bipolar disorder and have been taking Lithium for 13 years and then Lithobid 3 years. I would have to say the worst side effect which goes away as you can stablized on the med is sleepy-sleepy time, but Lithium was worse and the Lithobid being - 58% more...
    Zincke- over a year ago - in Lithobid
  5. link Karen6240
    My doctor has prescribed Lithobid, which I have not yet begun to take. Any input from anyone using this medication?
    Karen6240- over a year ago - in Lithobid