Lorabid Side Effects

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  1. link Andykp
    paralysis for a month
    My daughter could not walk or use her joints, without severe pain. this lasted almost a a month. Only after steroids were given, did she regain her full use but has had joint problems in her knees and ankles ever since.
    Andykp- over a year ago - in Lorabid
  2. link Alb
    how long can you keep lorabid in your cabinets
    Alb- over a year ago - in Lorabid
  3. link Ralphiboy228
    Lorabid black stool, side affects
    my two yr old daughter is on lorabid, and she had black stool i just want to know if that is one of the side affects.
    Ralphiboy228- over a year ago - in Lorabid