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  1. link Kristina551980
    Loratadine mood changes, behavior changes, singulair, irritability, allergy
    I'm almost positive my son had aggressiveness, irritability, mood changes & behavior changes similar to the S/E's of Singulair It seems a lot of t - 22% more...
    Kristina551980- over a year ago - in Loratadine
  2. link Maguffinator
    Loratadine long term memory, short and long term memory, culling, claritin, caritin
    If taking Claritin daily, I notice I have trouble grasping for words when culling from short and long term memory. This is much more pronounced in Car - 34% more...
    Maguffinator- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Loratadine
  3. link Rsegall
    lortadine interacts with tussin cf
    Is there an interaction with loratadine and tussin cf
    Rsegall- over a year ago - in Loratadine
  4. link A1hollywood1j
    Loratadine allergies
    Have no real side effects except that it is like you have to take it everyday for your allergies to be better
    A1hollywood1j- over a year ago - in Loratadine
  5. link Karenlee
    Question about using Loratadine called Claritin for allergies
    My blood pressure seems to go up using Loratadine. I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen. I'm not on any blood pressure medication, but have to - 32% more...
    Karenlee- over a year ago - in Loratadine
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