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  1. link Lk23
    Lotemax fatique, dry eyes, eye doctor, depression
    I have debilitating fatigue and depression whenever I used Lotemax. I used it only about 3 times before discontinuing it. I reported to my eye doctor - 46% more...
    Lk23- over a year ago - in Lotemax
  2. link Lk23
    Lotemax depression
    severe fatique; depression
    Lk23- over a year ago - in Lotemax
  3. link Palmcoastfl
    Lotemax voltaren, muscle pain, joint pain, wks
    I have had severe muscle pain, sometimes fleeting, some steady as well as joint pain. In addition, I have been on Voltaren so can't lay claim definite - 54% more...
    Palmcoastfl- over a year ago - in Lotemax
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