Lumigan Side Effects

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  1. link Joanie55
    Lumigan peroid, rash, cheeks, few days
    I was on Lumigan for over a year. After a period of time I was starting to get a lot of discomfort with it. Buring, itching of the eye and a bright red eyelid more so on my right eye. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said it was 'OK' so I continued - 75% more...
    Joanie55- over a year ago - in Lumigan
  2. link Byemejoy
    is this medication longterm
    Will I have to take this medication forever and what are the effect?
    Byemejoy- over a year ago - in Lumigan
  3. link Ruthclar01
    Side effects
    What are the side effects of Lumigan
    Ruthclar01- over a year ago - in Lumigan