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  1. link Fermi
    Does materna contain any animal products?
    I would like to know if the prenatal vitamins have any animal products in it or used a s a coating for the tablets
    Fermi- over a year ago - in Materna
  2. link Leora
    Materna side effects...
    I was just wondering, like im 17 years old and im 8 days pregnant and I bought Materna this morning and took one...there HUGE to swallow..but that bes - 77% more...
    Leora- over a year ago - in Materna
  3. link Meshmesha00
    materna tablets
    hiii,i just wanna know more infofrmations about materna tablets taken during pregnancy,wants to know ingerdients,composition,everthing,thx alot
    Meshmesha00- over a year ago - in Materna
  4. link Johooton
    Materna breasts
    swelling of the breasts
    Johooton- over a year ago - in Materna
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