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  1. link Jackiemoseley
    What is this medicine used for
    Jackiemoseley- over a year ago - in Methergine
  2. link Ladyc1
    Methergine swelling of the tongue, allergic reaction, benadryll, lightheadness
    my experience after taking Methergine swelling of the tongue and throat and lightheadness. My doctor said most likely allergic reaction and I should s - 30% more...
    Ladyc1- over a year ago - in Methergine
  3. link Evaandjoseph
    I've recently had a miscarriage - my GYN prescribed Methergine for me to take. Why must I take this?
    Evaandjoseph- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Methergine
  4. link Merchant70
    Detail information regarding Methergine
    Please send me the detail information regarding Metergine raw material
    Merchant70- over a year ago - in Methergine
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