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  1. link Snackelise
    Microgestin 1/20 birth control pills, anxiety and depression, pms symptoms, condom use, low self esteem
    I have been on birth control pills on and off for nine years now. I was on Kariva for a long time, but began suffering severe emotional PMS and my doc - 93% more...
    Snackelise- over a year ago - in Microgestin 1/20
  2. link Gesnerkam1
    Microgestin 1/20 loestrin 24, mood swings, crazy mood, horrible time, sex drive
    I had a horrible time with this pill. I was only on it for two months and was only taking it because it was the generic of Loestrin and I couldn't aff - 84% more...
    Gesnerkam1- over a year ago - in Microgestin 1/20
  3. link Faith1018
    Microgestin 1/20 birth controll pill, microgestin, stopping the pill, woman at work, panic attacks
    I have been on Microgestin for 6 years now. I had slight anxiety before I started taking it, now my panic attacks are out of control, I have no sex dr - 79% more...
    Faith1018- over a year ago - in Microgestin 1/20
  4. link Ec716
    Microgestin 1/20 moods
    i haven't had really bad side effects but my moods have changed. I'm constantly crying and depressed all the time.
    Ec716- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Microgestin 1/20
  5. link Ali28
    Microgestin 1/20
    bloating, cramping
    Ali28- over a year ago - in Microgestin 1/20
  6. link Foxof2
    I just started taking the Microgestin1/20 and I want to no if it is comparable to the Loestrin as far as with the lower number of days on your periods - 1% more...
    Foxof2- over a year ago - in Microgestin 1/20
  7. link Claud
    no menstrual cycle
    Hi, i've been on microgestin for about 1 year and then switched to Alesse. I had normal, light periods with both, but more so witht he microgestin, la - 64% more...
    Claud- over a year ago - in Microgestin 1/20
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