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  1. link Patrole1
    side effect of long term minocin
    My thumb nail began turning brown. My family doctor thought I was having a fungus. I've been on Minocin 100 mg 1-2 times per days for many years. I fi - 75% more...
    Patrole1- over a year ago - in Minocin
  2. link Wvwoman
    Minocin cat scratch fever symptoms, minocin for acne, cat scratch fever, rosecea, tightness in chest
    I was on Minocin for acne for almost 2 years. It worked great. HOWEVER I started getting a stuffy nose that wouldn't go away. I went to ENT clinic for - 89% more...
    Wvwoman- over a year ago - in Minocin
  3. link Minocinsuxx
    Minocin prescription drugs, psych ward, extreme paranoia, depression, tetracyclin
    Complete Nightmare. Please read...I was on Minocin for a week. I developed major CNS (central nervous system) side effects including major light sensi - 92% more...
    Minocinsuxx- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Minocin
  4. link Schneefeee
    Minocin intravenous
    Does anybody now where you can buy Minocin intravenous?
    Schneefeee- over a year ago - in Minocin
  5. link Foley5323
    alcohal test
    will minocin or a combination of minocin and an over the counter drug affect a breath test?
    Foley5323- over a year ago - in Minocin
  6. link Mickyyy
    Minocin clearasil face wash, acne, mino, dries
    just dont take it, use Clearasil face wash and it did work for my Acne. No joke!!! It is the Latest one, it dries your face, and stops the Acne, i cou - 60% more...
    Mickyyy- over a year ago - in Minocin
  7. link Caramilk84
    Minocin lightheaded dizzy, upset stomach, twice daily
    I have been on Minocin capsules at 100mg twice daily for about a week now. I am feeling disoriented, lightheaded, dizzy, and have an upset stomach.
    Caramilk84- over a year ago - in Minocin
  8. link Sandiband
    Minocin incurable illness, sle, acne
    I have now got the incurable illness of SLE after being prescribed minocin for acne.
    Sandiband- over a year ago - in Minocin
  9. link Fpmusser
    Minocin prostate infection, everyday things, tetracyclines, strain, concentrate
    Was given Minocin capsules (3 weeks worth) for prostate infection. After 7 days I felt like I was inside myself looking out and had to strain to conce - 66% more...
    Fpmusser- over a year ago - in Minocin
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