Minoxidil Side Effects

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  1. link Misssutherland
    excessive facial and body hair
    i was given minoxidil 12.5% and i used it for 3 months and noticed excessive facial and body hair i stopped the treatment and the facial and body hair is still the same its been 6 months when will it go? if at all?
    Misssutherland- over a year ago - in Minoxidil
  2. link Rasuajgu
    side effects
    i was using topical minoxidil for three months...as i got severe headache and itching over body..i stopped t before 3 months...but still i didn't recover ove t... i need to know how long it will take for minoxidil to be removed completely from d bloo - 18% more...
    Rasuajgu- over a year ago - in Minoxidil
  3. link Jlp2778
    minoxidil and headache
    Can minoxidil taken for blood pressure suddenly cause headaches after years of use? Its a dull headache.
    Jlp2778- over a year ago - in Minoxidil
  4. link Bbmchugh
    Minoxidil itchy rash, xmas holidays, painful ankles, ankle swelling, blood pressure
    The immediate effect of taking minoxidil for blood pressure was and almost instaneous drop to abnormal low pressure. After taking the drug for about 10 days (1 pill in a.m.) I experienced painful legs with abnormal leg and ankle swelling. all while t - 55% more...
    Bbmchugh- over a year ago - in Minoxidil
  5. link Deweyly
    Minoxidil itchy scalp
    very itchy scalp
    Deweyly- over a year ago - in Minoxidil
  6. link John810
    shortness of breath
    I know there are side effects which range from rapid heartbeat, dizziness and faintness with this drug. I have also been experiencing short stabbing headaches, numbness in my hands, obscurred vision, and shortness of breath. Anyone else experiencing - 6% more...
    John810- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Minoxidil