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  1. link Jennyrdrake
    Mircette 28 years, smoker, birth control, choices
    I just started taking Mircette today, im 28 years old and a smoker. After reading all of your post im scared to take this pill, why would my doctor pu - 61% more...
    Jennyrdrake- over a year ago - in Mircette
  2. link Toothpick
    Mircette as Plan B
    What is the dosage for using Mircette as an emergency contraceptive?
    Toothpick- over a year ago - in Mircette
  3. link Bb5555
    Sore muscles
    Has anyone experienced sore muscles as a result of stopping Mircette? I am 54 and after 2 months of not taking Mircette or any other hormones I have s - 49% more...
    Bb5555- over a year ago - in Mircette
  4. link Ksabatini01
    Mircette extreme anxiety, losing control, progesterone, numbness, crowds
    I started on Mircette about a year and a half ago. Since then, I have experienced extreme anxiety, migraines, depression (crying for no reason), numbn - 84% more...
    Ksabatini01- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mircette
  5. link Jessica_biloxi_ms
    Mircette lower abdomen, stomach problems, mood swings, 7 months, belly button
    I was on Mircette for 7 months. The worst 7 months of my life. I was absolutely crazy on this pill. I am the most laid back person, and on this pill I - 82% more...
    Jessica_biloxi_ms- over a year ago - in Mircette
  6. link Mosulcon
    Is it safe to be on Mircette if you are about 70 lbs. overweight?
    Mosulcon- over a year ago - in Mircette
  7. link Ss723
    Mircette going off the pill, diuretic, yaz, pills
    I am extremely bloated on this pill, my pants don't fit anymore. Although I find that this happens with all BC pills, even Yaz that had a diuretic, so - 28% more...
    Ss723- over a year ago - in Mircette
  8. link Rollergames
    Mircette heart attack, heart disease, blood clot, blood clots, hot flashes
    I have been on Mircette for over a year and a half. I'm 54, in good health and work out. Never smoked but heart disease runs in my family. I've never - 80% more...
    Rollergames- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mircette
  9. link Niceahy
    getting off mircette
    Hi, I stopped taking Mircette and was just wondering what some possible side effects are after gettting off this pill...thanks
    Niceahy- over a year ago - in Mircette
  10. link Motherofthree
    Left leg swelling, blood clots after 1 year on Mircette
    I've been permanently taken off mircette because about one month ago, swollen ankel and left leg - blood clots still present - could this be affecting - 71% more...
    Motherofthree- over a year ago - in Mircette
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