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  1. link Weberarch
    Nalfon membranous
    Do not take if you've had idiopathic membranous nephrosis. It can come back.
    Weberarch- over a year ago - in Nalfon
  2. link Mcbusick
    nalfon 400 mg 3X daily with Celebrex 200 1 X
    Should I stop taking the Celebrex while taking the Nalfon?
    Mcbusick- over a year ago - in Nalfon
  3. link Eriegirs
    Nalfon w/other meds
    I am a Type 2 Diabetic with Asthma and podiatrist has just added Nalfon to my meds cabinet because I have adverse reactions to sulfa based med - 52% more...
    Eriegirs- over a year ago - in Nalfon
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