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  1. link Dmdolen
    Nasacort nasacort aq, smell taste, sence of smell, nasal spray
    I have lost my sense of smell & taste since using Nasacort AQ Nasal Spray 16.5 MG
    Dmdolen- over a year ago - in Nasacort
  2. link Banerjeeraj65
    Nasacort and Fimosis
    Is Nasacort useful in Fimosis ?
    Banerjeeraj65- over a year ago - in Nasacort
  3. link Conrad
    Nasacort chest cough, nasacort aq, nasal passage, running nose, loratadine
    During a cold in late March 2009, I contacted a Doctor regarding my chest cough, running nose and wheezing when I slept at night. She prescribed Nasac - 86% more...
    Conrad- over a year ago - in Nasacort
  4. link Jkinney
    Nasacort smell taste, sense of smell, restaurant business, forearm, amoxicillin
    I have been taking Nasacort for only a week. I developed a rash on my forearm 2 night ago and decided to stop taking the Nasacort and Amoxicillin. I n - 61% more...
    Jkinney- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Nasacort
  5. link Dbrandt
    Nasacort sense of taste, sense of smell, sinuses, allergy symptoms, naughty word
    Have been using Nasacort for a couple of weeks, and am loosing my sense of smell and my sense of taste. Have not experienced any other side effects. H - 13% more...
    Dbrandt- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nasacort
  6. link Wiseonhill
    Loss of smell
    I too used what I think was Nasacort back in 2003 and lost my sense of smell for approximately one year. I couldn't even smell coffee when I put my no - 81% more...
    Wiseonhill- over a year ago - in Nasacort
  7. link Gailyeats
    Nasacort sense of smell, rhinocort, nasal sprays, insight
    I have been using Rhinocort for many months now and have also lost my sense of smell! And after asking my doctors, were told that this is not related. - 65% more...
    Gailyeats- over a year ago - in Nasacort
  8. link Fdstephenson
    My wife has been on Nasacort for several months and has started loosing her hair. Is there any chance the Nasacort could cause this?
    Fdstephenson- over a year ago - in Nasacort
  9. link Lkleves
    I have been taking Nasacort for about 7 months to relieve problems with tinittus. About a month after taking this medicine my ears started popping unc - 54% more...
    Lkleves- over a year ago - in Nasacort
  10. link Aynurinac
    Nasacort loss of taste and smell, loss of smell and taste, sinus infection, loss of smell, loss of taste
    The application of Nasacort, for the sinus infection caused the loss of taste and smell after the first dose. The side effects described in the Nasaco - 66% more...
    Aynurinac- over a year ago - in Nasacort
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