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  1. link Njbeachgr
    Natafort Tablets
    Hello, My prescription is for Natafort Tablets. I am wondering what ingredients as well as how much of each ingredient are in this vitamin. Should I b - 30% more...
    Njbeachgr- over a year ago - in Natafort
  2. link Vidya_ss
    Does Natafort & DHA ?
    Does Natafort already has DHA ? or do i need to take expecta separately ?
    Vidya_ss- over a year ago - in Natafort
  3. link Bonnie78
    folic acid and calcium
    does natafort have enough folic acid in it? Should I continue taking a separate supplement of folic acid? does natafort have calcium in it?
    Bonnie78- over a year ago - in Natafort
  4. link Sw7265
    With out Iron
    Do you no longer make a Natafort Prenatal vitamin with out Iron?
    Sw7265- over a year ago - in Natafort
  5. link G_doi
    Natafort and Dha
    Does Natafort have dha in it?
    G_doi- over a year ago - in Natafort
  6. link Picturesque2u
    Natafort bedtime, vomiting
    Nausea without vomiting. Per my docs advice, tried taking it at bedtime but after 2 days of use, experienced nausea again.
    Picturesque2u- over a year ago - in Natafort
  7. link Phlutter
    is natafort 100% animal product free?
    My doctor prescribed me natafort because it said it was kosher... i am more concerned if it has any animal by-products what-so-ever because i am vegan - 35% more...
    Phlutter- over a year ago - in Natafort
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