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  1. link Molly_jo
    Natatab Rx headaches
    My worst side affect is getting headaches I hardly ever got headaches b4 I started taking this and now I get them very frequently and have headaches f - 21% more...
    Molly_jo- over a year ago - in Natatab Rx
  2. link Ctorres
    Purple vitamin
    I was taking the purple natatab prenatel vitamin when all of a sudden they were discontinued by the manufacture. Can I found out why??
    Ctorres- over a year ago - in Natatab Rx
  3. link Marykaymcgee
    What are the levels vitamins and minerals of each prenatab rx prenatal vitamin
    Dear Sir/Ma'am, What are the levels of vitamins and minerals in a tablet of the prenatab rx prenatal vitamin? I was given a prescription and the level - 44% more...
    Marykaymcgee- over a year ago - in Natatab Rx
  4. link Godslight03
    drug testings
    does natatab rx cause faulty positive drug test results
    Godslight03- over a year ago - in Natatab Rx
  5. link Maguirea
    Natatab with a multivitamin
    I just found out I am pregnant and started taking Natatab Rx. I was taking a multivitamin Women's One a Day. Is it necessary to continue taking the mu - 44% more...
    Maguirea- over a year ago - in Natatab Rx
  6. link Lesinski
    Natatab - gluten free?
    Is the prenatal vitamin "Natatab" gluten free?
    Lesinski- over a year ago - in Natatab Rx
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