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  1. link Susankowal
    Stomach pains from Navelbine?
    I received my 3rd treatment of Navelbine 4 days ago, and I cannot get rid of this terrible stomach ache. NOT nausea, an ongoing pain in my stomach bel - 29% more...
    Susankowal- over a year ago - in Navelbine
  2. link Psmith102
    Navelbine breast cancer, hoarse voice, lymph nodes, remission, shoulders
    I am 58 years old, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Was in remission, but 2 lymph nodes in my chest recently tested positive for the breast cance - 55% more...
    Psmith102- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Navelbine
  3. link Mssun4fun
    Navelbine bells palsy, experience dizziness, infusion, mesothelioma, cycle 1
    I am a 55 year old female with recurrent mesothelioma. I am being treated with Navelbine and I am now on my 2nd cycle ( 1 cycle = 4 weeks/infusion eve - 80% more...
    Mssun4fun- over a year ago - in Navelbine
  4. link Kmaryohara
    Navelbine breast cancer, loss of sensation, occasional loss, numbness, chemotherapy
    I am 47 year old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2003. Following 2 unsuccessful courses of chemotherapy, where the cancer spread - 71% more...
    Kmaryohara- over a year ago - in Navelbine
  5. link Harwoodl
    Navelbine laryngitis, digestion, medication
    After about 2 treatments, I got laryngitis. Using a laryngiscope an inflamed upper esaphagus was seen, no g.i. side effects. Digestion is fine and no - 43% more...
    Harwoodl- over a year ago - in Navelbine
  6. link Gershon
    breast cancer
    I have a recidived cancer in breast . I have a tumor of 8 cm. I did 6 injection of taxotere + xeloda it didn't work. does navelbine will be more effic - 4% more...
    Gershon- over a year ago - in Navelbine
  7. link Brfranks
    Navelbine breast cancer, shingles, shortness of breath, welts, remission
    I am a 73 year old male who had breast cancer in 1991 and it has returned and being treated with Navelbine. The doctor has told me that I'm in remissi - 77% more...
    Brfranks- over a year ago - in Navelbine
  8. link Nanlawary
    RN/ Hematology/Oncology clinic
    We had anaphylatic reaction to Navelbine complete with swollen tongue, etc. Patient coded, had to be shocked and placed on a ventilator. He extubated - 59% more...
    Nanlawary- over a year ago - in Navelbine
  9. link Nanlawary
    Navelbine tongue swelling, first experience, ventilator
    we had a patient have a full blown anaphylatic reaction to Navelbine, complete with tongue swelling. Pt coded and had to be shocked, placed on a venti - 66% more...
    Nanlawary- over a year ago - in Navelbine
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