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  1. link Bvann
    5 words to a cure
    Diet, Exercise,probiotics,plant enzymes.
    Bvann- over a year ago - in Nexium
  2. link Dsearle324
    Nexium prilosec otc, experience thanks, insurance carriers, protonix, tinnitus
    I had to start taking Nexium last January when my insurance company would no longer pay for protonix or its generic. I was forced to start taking Nexi - 88% more...
    Dsearle324- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Nexium
  3. link Mdc
    Nexium marshal arts, cold turkey, personal trainer, monster, god
    I experienced the same thing , your post was almost identical to what was happening to me. i`ve been working out for years ,was a personal trainer and - 87% more...
    Mdc- over a year ago - in Nexium
  4. link Jen42
    Nexium liver problems
    Ant ideas out there as to what type of liver problems nexium can cause?
    Jen42- over a year ago - in Nexium
  5. link Lamb39
    Nexium apple cider vinegar, tooth enamel, antacid, medical community, medication
    Has anyone experienced severe gas with Nexium? It seems to have gotten better since I am trying to take every other day instead of every day. I do get - 79% more...
    Lamb39- over a year ago - in Nexium
  6. link Mkeller3215
    Nexium acid reducer, google, bloating, chest pain, abdominal pain
    I have stopped my nexium for 3 weeks now the hardest day was the first day off the pill. I have taken some form of acid reducer medicine for over 11 y - 83% more...
    Mkeller3215- over a year ago - in Nexium
  7. link Benfry922
    Nexium kind of heart, purple pill, negative side effects
    ive been taking nexium for about 2 years now and have never experienced any negative side effects. without it i can eat anything with out getting seve - 38% more...
    Benfry922- over a year ago - in Nexium
  8. link Applejack
    took 2 pills by mistake
    i accidentally took nexium twice within 15min of each other at 6:00pm . will this allow food to digest at diner or should i wait till morning to eat
    Applejack- over a year ago - in Nexium
  9. link Pocatello
    Nexium bone density scan, breaking bones, calcium intake, bone health, bone loss
    I am a 46 year old male. I have taken Nexium for 5+ years. I thought I had no side effects. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis this week. I have been b - 62% more...
    Pocatello- over a year ago - in Nexium
  10. link Jenlb
    Nexium abdominal cramping, maalox, muscle pain, aciphex, reflux
    10 days ago, my doctor switched me from Aciphex to Nexium. Within 30 hours, I was having severe nausea, painful acidic diarrhea, major abdominal cramp - 57% more...
    Jenlb- over a year ago - in Nexium
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