Nexium Side Effects

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  1. link Bvann
    5 words to a cure
    Diet, Exercise,probiotics,plant enzymes.
    Bvann- over a year ago - in Nexium
  2. link Dsearle324
    Nexium prilosec otc, experience thanks, insurance carriers, protonix, tinnitus
    I had to start taking Nexium last January when my insurance company would no longer pay for protonix or its generic. I was forced to start taking Nexium because there was nothing else. I have suffered with Gerd for ten years and systematically went f - 80% more...
    Dsearle324- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Nexium
  3. link Dsearle324
    Hi Bobby, The tinnitus has bothered me for the last 11 months off and on and I am not on any cholestrol lowering meds other than Omega # and Red Yeast Rice, and that last one was only added in the summer, and I already had problems with it. I have ha - 52% more...
    Dsearle324- over a year ago
  4. link Bobby
    Darcy, I have noted that cholesterol lowering drugs can cause tinnitus in some individuals. Concerning the acid reflux, aside from diet, hypothyroidism can be a cause. I used to get acid reflux bad untill I was diagnosed hypothyroid. Replacement horm - 48% more...
    Bobby- over a year ago
  5. link Mdc
    Nexium marshal arts, cold turkey, personal trainer, monster, god
    I experienced the same thing , your post was almost identical to what was happening to me. i`ve been working out for years ,was a personal trainer and have been involved with marshal arts for years. I started taking Nexium and a week after taking it - 79% more...
    Mdc- over a year ago - in Nexium
  6. link Jen42
    Nexium liver problems
    Ant ideas out there as to what type of liver problems nexium can cause?
    Jen42- over a year ago - in Nexium
  7. link Lamb39
    Nexium apple cider vinegar, tooth enamel, antacid, medical community, medication
    Has anyone experienced severe gas with Nexium? It seems to have gotten better since I am trying to take every other day instead of every day. I do get tremendous relief from Nexium, as I exhausted every over-the-counter antacid medication. I have bee - 64% more...
    Lamb39- over a year ago - in Nexium
  8. link Janetsbishop
    Nexium aloe vera, collar bone, ulcers, investagate, apple cider vinegar
    I have been taking nexium for about 3 months and I decided to stop due to the development of severe pain in my heels, hip, shoulder, collar bone, and hands. Now looking for a natural way to heal my ulcers. I was told aloe vera liquid. Not sure about - 10% more...
    Janetsbishop- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nexium
  9. link Dozier3612
    Try Apple cider vinegar, 1-2 TBL 2-3 times a day. Google ACV remedys
    Dozier3612- over a year ago
  10. link Mkeller3215
    Nexium acid reducer, google, bloating, chest pain, abdominal pain
    I have stopped my nexium for 3 weeks now the hardest day was the first day off the pill. I have taken some form of acid reducer medicine for over 11 years. I have notice in the past 7 years weight gain, hungry,chest pain,abdominal pain, anxiety, bloa - 71% more...
    Mkeller3215- over a year ago - in Nexium
  11. link Benfry922
    Nexium kind of heart, purple pill, negative side effects
    ive been taking nexium for about 2 years now and have never experienced any negative side effects. without it i can eat anything with out getting severe heart burn. the kind of heart burn that stops u dead in ur tracks. i love my purple pill
    Benfry922- over a year ago - in Nexium
  12. link Applejack
    took 2 pills by mistake
    i accidentally took nexium twice within 15min of each other at 6:00pm . will this allow food to digest at diner or should i wait till morning to eat
    Applejack- over a year ago - in Nexium
  13. link Pocatello
    Nexium bone density scan, breaking bones, calcium intake, bone health, bone loss
    I am a 46 year old male. I have taken Nexium for 5+ years. I thought I had no side effects. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis this week. I have been breaking bones occasionally over the past 3 years. A bone density scan revealed a sever bone loss. Ap - 36% more...
    Pocatello- over a year ago - in Nexium
  14. link Jenlb
    Nexium abdominal cramping, maalox, muscle pain, aciphex, reflux
    10 days ago, my doctor switched me from Aciphex to Nexium. Within 30 hours, I was having severe nausea, painful acidic diarrhea, major abdominal cramping, headaches, muscle pain, and such severe reflux that I have gone through about half a bottle of - 28% more...
    Jenlb- over a year ago - in Nexium
  15. link Sandrajoy
    Nexium antacid, emergency room, dizziness, nausea, blood pressure
    I only took 3 pills and almost went to emergency room. Set my chest on fire, and my chest was sore for 2 days, and racey heart, dizziness, nausea, blood pressure up and down. i stopped taking and bought some liquid antacid. burning has decreased and - 12% more...
    Sandrajoy- over a year ago - in Nexium
  16. link User
    Nexium acid reflux disease, prevacid, prilosec, health insurance, otc
    I have battled acid reflux disease for 10 years. After years of Prevacid, Prilosec (prescription and OTC), and everything else, Nexium worked for me. I had no side effects except I was pain-free in my stomach. My only complaint was that 60 pills (of - 25% more...
    User- over a year ago - in Nexium
  17. link C52247
    Nexium god bless the usa, life span, drug industries
    After reading the above articles from some Nexium users I understand why my physician gave me 3boxes 5 capsules each free. I can tell you this I want be using the drug. The drug industries want get a $ out of me nor will they shorten my life span. Yo - 17% more...
    C52247- over a year ago - in Nexium
  18. link Vicoriana
    Nexium hip pain, arent worth, bad rash, itchy skin, dangerous drug
    Very bad rash that a week later has not gone away. Nexium actually burned my skin! I look like I have color like I just came from the beach. This is a dangerous drug. it works for the reflux, but the side effects arent worth it. I also develiped hip - 57% more...
    Vicoriana- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nexium
  19. link Jwhitehead
    Are you still hypersensitive? I'm curious because I had the EXACT same thing PLUS additional, horrific side effects just 3 weeks after the initial dose. I stopped but that was almost 2 months ago and I am still hypersensitive, the arthritic pain and - 82% more...
    Jwhitehead- over a year ago
  20. link Jstanley139
    Nexium lower chest, nexium, gerd, left quadrant, reflux
    Has anyone experinced soreness in the chest with this medicine?
    Jstanley139- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Nexium
  21. link Jwhitehead
    Yes - I had soreness and sometimes tightening in the left quadrant of my chest. I only took it for 3 weeks but the side effects I think are directly a result of the Nexium are still present and very disruptive. From reading these postings it sounds l - 62% more...
    Jwhitehead- over a year ago
  22. link Griffsdad
    I am, I have been taking for about two weeks and have muscle aches in my lower chest. I quit taking it about two days ago and the soreness is starting to go away. It did help my gerd but I can't stand the side effects. I went to a quick care facility - 30% more...
    Griffsdad- over a year ago
  23. link Jwhitehead
    Nexium pins and needles, hunger pains, tight pain, bald spot, hands and feet
    Rash began on hands and feet and spread all over including eyelids. Swelling in hands and feet with tingles like severe pins and needles. Bloating and hunger pains 24/7 then agitation and now depression. Lastly, I have lost half my hair and have a hu - 28% more...
    Jwhitehead- over a year ago - in Nexium
  24. link Momataco
    question about nexium
    Is there a generic Nexium ?
    Momataco- over a year ago - in Nexium
  25. link Janetsbishop
    Nexium pain in heels, arthritic pain, collar bone
    Arthritic pain in heels, hip, collar bone and shoulder. Some nights the pain in heels was so bad could hardly walk. Stopped the 2x daily dose to 1x daily to stopping all together.
    Janetsbishop- over a year ago - in Nexium
  26. link Crusis
    Nexium nexium 40mg, acid reflux, job, purple pill, incidents
    Nexium has done the job for me. I still get SOME acid reflux, but without it I suffer from it every day, every night. Now I get one or two incidents a month. Clearly it doesn't work for everyone, but for me the Purple Pill has done the job. It costs - 44% more...
    Crusis- over a year ago - in Nexium