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  1. link Jjc
    niacin or niaspan
    what's the difference?
    Jjc- over a year ago - in Niacin
  2. link Pgpg99
    Niaspan and a multi-vitamin
    I am taking 500 mg of Niaspan daily. I was wondering if I could still take my multi-vitamin along with it. It only has an additional 10 mg. of Niacin.
    Pgpg99- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niacin
  3. link Mmunden1
    severe itching on 500 mg Slo release Niacin
    will anything help stop the itching before it runs out of my system?
    Mmunden1- over a year ago - in Niacin
  4. link Pgpg99
    I took Niacin and didn't flush..
    I took 500 mg of Niaspan last night for the first time and didn't flush at all. Now, granted, I took 325 mg. of aspirin a half hour before, as directe - 40% more...
    Pgpg99- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Niacin
  5. link Kunal09
    Niacin apple cider vinegar, severe itching, home remedies, couple hours, hot water
    I took Niacin (500 mg) for the first time yesterday right after dinner. Within a couple hours i felt a flushing sensation, throughout my neck and head - 80% more...
    Kunal09- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Niacin
  6. link Blyoung
    Niacin allergic reaction, aspirin, pills, ears, headache
    I have been taking niacin on and off for months. This one time, at night, when I usually take pills, I had a splitting headache so I took 2 aspirin wi - 65% more...
    Blyoung- over a year ago - in Niacin
  7. link Paityn
    Daily amt of niacin
    I understand that niacin can help with the alleviation of muscle spasms. I have Cervical Spine Arthritis and it causes my trapazoid muscle to spas for - 42% more...
    Paityn- over a year ago - in Niacin
  8. link Jjg
    re: Niacin
    Would red welps on the neck and arms predominantly be a side effect of Niacin?
    Jjg- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niacin
  9. link Truthseeker
    Niacin rest my lips, aspirin, drawing, muscle spasms, hot flush
    Have been taking niacin about 2 months with no side effects. I attributed this to taking an aspirin 1/2 hr. prior to taking the niacin. However, one e - 84% more...
    Truthseeker- over a year ago - in Niacin
  10. link Sharploanguy
    Niacin heart rate, facial area, niaspan, moved down, concentration
    I have been on Niaspan for about five days. After taking a dose last night, my body swelled and I experienced extremely harsh tingling under the skin - 55% more...
    Sharploanguy- over a year ago - in Niacin
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