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  1. link Jjc
    niacin or niaspan
    what's the difference?
    Jjc- over a year ago - in Niacin
  2. link Kunal09
    Niacin apple cider vinegar, severe itching, home remedies, couple hours, hot water
    I took Niacin (500 mg) for the first time yesterday right after dinner. Within a couple hours i felt a flushing sensation, throughout my neck and head; which quickly died down in 45 minutes. And 2 hours later (this is four hours after i took Niacin) - 67% more...
    Kunal09- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Niacin
  3. link Rbinbaltimore
    I was just given the go ahead to get niacin and fish oil for my cholesterol. I also got the RX for lisinopril (BP med). After reading most posts, I am afraid to even start the supplements. My BP med from other post, is making me want to see if there - 52% more...
    Rbinbaltimore- over a year ago
  4. link Propsguy
    obviously you took too much and you didn't need that much. if you are deficient in niacin, you can take more and not flush. it also depends on why you are taking it. for depression, i don't think the non-flushing kind works. by BF takes it for depres - 69% more...
    Propsguy- over a year ago
  5. link Kunal09
    Thanks for your reply; about Flush free Niacin, i did some research on it and talked to my local pharmacist; There hasnt been enough studies done on flush free Niacin; initial reports however, do claim that its highly unlikely that flush free Niacin - 33% more...
    Kunal09- over a year ago
  6. link Babell
    have you thought about buying the flush-free Niacin?
    Babell- over a year ago
  7. link Pgpg99
    Niaspan and a multi-vitamin
    I am taking 500 mg of Niaspan daily. I was wondering if I could still take my multi-vitamin along with it. It only has an additional 10 mg. of Niacin.
    Pgpg99- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niacin
  8. link Enoughalready
    To me, multi-vitamins are very important and very positive, especially if you have to take additional medication. Do not ever disregard the RDA of Bs, C, K, and A and whatever else you see that seems to strike a key, if you get my drift...
    Enoughalready- over a year ago
  9. link Mmunden1
    severe itching on 500 mg Slo release Niacin
    will anything help stop the itching before it runs out of my system?
    Mmunden1- over a year ago - in Niacin
  10. link Pgpg99
    I took Niacin and didn't flush..
    I took 500 mg of Niaspan last night for the first time and didn't flush at all. Now, granted, I took 325 mg. of aspirin a half hour before, as directed, and also had a low-fat snack first, again as directed, but is it normal not to flush at all??
    Pgpg99- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Niacin
  11. link Propsguy
    if you lack adequate levels of niacin in your body, you can take more and still not flush. it depends on your diet and your general niacin needs/ deficiency etc. extremely depressed people (my guess is you are taking it for cholesterol but it works f - 42% more...
    Propsguy- over a year ago
  12. link Blyoung
    Niacin allergic reaction, aspirin, pills, ears, headache
    I have been taking niacin on and off for months. This one time, at night, when I usually take pills, I had a splitting headache so I took 2 aspirin with the 500MG of niacin. I laid down to bed about an hour after taking this. I began feeling hot all - 42% more...
    Blyoung- over a year ago - in Niacin
  13. link Paityn
    Daily amt of niacin
    I understand that niacin can help with the alleviation of muscle spasms. I have Cervical Spine Arthritis and it causes my trapazoid muscle to spas for days at a time ... I was told that niacin can help. WHAT IS THE DAILY RECOMMENDED AMOUNT I SHOULD T - 2% more...
    Paityn- over a year ago - in Niacin
  14. link Jjg
    re: Niacin
    Would red welps on the neck and arms predominantly be a side effect of Niacin?
    Jjg- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Niacin
  15. link Reese99
    Yes, Niacin can cause a maculopapular rash (to which you are referring to) or itchy skin. To be honest, I don't know what you should do. I don't know if it goes away after awhile, or if this warrants a change in your cholesterol medication. Niacin al - 53% more...
    Reese99- over a year ago
  16. link Truthseeker
    Niacin rest my lips, aspirin, drawing, muscle spasms, hot flush
    Have been taking niacin about 2 months with no side effects. I attributed this to taking an aspirin 1/2 hr. prior to taking the niacin. However, one evening I took the aspirin and niacin together. About 30 minutes later I felt a really hot flush star - 72% more...
    Truthseeker- over a year ago - in Niacin
  17. link Sharploanguy
    Niacin heart rate, facial area, niaspan, moved down, concentration
    I have been on Niaspan for about five days. After taking a dose last night, my body swelled and I experienced extremely harsh tingling under the skin that started in the neck and facial area then moved down the body. My heart rate was 100 b.p.m. and - 25% more...
    Sharploanguy- over a year ago - in Niacin
  18. link Bombsaway214
    Niacin cold chills, skin cold, headache
    Burning and itching of skin, cold chills, headache (very uncomfortable)!
    Bombsaway214- over a year ago - in Niacin
  19. link Preacherman222
    Niacin niaspan, regimin, soaking wet, applesauce, perspiration
    At first, occasional (about once a week) waking up with upper back soaking wet with perspiration. No incidents since starting following regimin over 3 months ago: 1. Take low-dose apirin 1/2 hour before taking niaspan. 2. Take niaspan at bedtime with - 30% more...
    Preacherman222- over a year ago - in Niacin
  20. link Racamoni
    Niacin sore muscles, body temperature, temperature drop
    after dose of 1250mg severe flushing and burning of skin, sore muscles the day after, body temperature drop 10 minutes after consuming dose
    Racamoni- over a year ago - in Niacin
  21. link Jlo8558
    Niacin muscle stiffness, baby aspirin, ecotrin, something sweet, night time
    muscle stiffness in legs at night time , and severe flushing either under stress or after eating something sweet . dr. said take a baby aspirin (ecotrin)1/2 hour before niacin , and symptoms much much better!
    Jlo8558- over a year ago - in Niacin
  22. link Jlm62040
    Niacin mg tablet
    burning from neck to arms then down my back and turned very red. i take a 500 mg tablet and been taking them for a month and today i had a spell,
    Jlm62040- over a year ago - in Niacin
  23. link Emjay842
    Niacin achy legs, cold turkey, leg problems, statins
    Sore and achy legs. Went off Niacin cold turkey and problem subsided within 5 days. Had worse leg problems on Statins.
    Emjay842- over a year ago - in Niacin
  24. link Stevebudabin
    Niacin red skin
    Severe flushing and itching. Red skin lasting about 2 hours after a dose of 1000 mg.
    Stevebudabin- over a year ago - in Niacin
  25. link Rizzi123
    Niacin sore breasts, sore neck
    I am male 42 and started Niacin few days ago. I feel sore neck and sore breasts. and i have been very cranky not able to focus much.
    Rizzi123- over a year ago - in Niacin