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  1. link Enr
    8yr old daughter reacttion - both legs numb after 1 month!
    My 8yr old daughter was put on nitrofurantoin for UTI while waiting for vesicoureteral reflux surgery in June. She was on nitrofurantoin for just over a month when her leg went numb. One week later the other leg went numb. Both are numb almost to the - 69% more...
    Enr- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  2. link Annony2010
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous uti symptoms, chest pain shortness of breath, constant headache, first response, painkillers
    I began taking this to clear my UTI, 2 pills a day for 7 days. By the 5th pill my UTI symptoms had cleared but the rest of me was feeling terrible. I was in tears because I felt so bad and nothing would make me feel better. I felt like I was walking - 80% more...
    Annony2010- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  3. link Tddybare
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous shivers, hallucinations, shiver, nausea, last time
    My mother took this yesterday and has had the shivers, hot sweats, headache, nausea and the hallucinations. She'll talk about stuff that doesn't even make sense when she gets in one of her "shiver-states" or hot sweats..Safe to say yesterda - 25% more...
    Tddybare- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  4. link Ceemeekee
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous severe stomach pains, macrodantin, nitrofurantoin, flu like symptoms, augmentin
    After taking two doses of Macrodantin (Nitrofurantoin) I had a terrible night's sleep, very fitful with severe stomach pains, fever, sore throat, and coughing. I'm having flu-like symptoms, the wheezing is worrying and my breathing is quite labored - - 40% more...
    Ceemeekee- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  5. link Kelly2811
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous extreme tiredness, allergic reaction, ankles, next morning, lips
    I took the pill for 7 days and did not realize or associate the side effects to the drug. Initially I experienc ed extreme tiredness, felt lousy, unmotivated etc..... then by the 7 th day after taking the last pill I woke up itching all over my entir - 67% more...
    Kelly2811- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  6. link Chedsmom
    Same thing happened to me, on the last day (7th) of taking this medication. Shortness of breath, overall fatigue, stomach pains, chills (my temp was 96.5) and then feverish sweats. Now I have a nasty rash on my legs. The UTI is nothing compared to th - 2% more...
    Chedsmom- over a year ago
  7. link Sanjay
    what is the difference pharmacologically in Nitrofurantoin anhydrous, Nitrofurantoin monohydrate, and Nitrofurantoin macrocrystals?
    Sanjay- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  8. link Nirupmajs
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous nitrofurantoin, urticaria, cholestasis, antibiotics, liver
    Sever Urticaria on the 10th day of a 15 day course of Nitrofurantoin for chronic UTI. The urticaria has already lasted 2 weeks and has not subsided yet. Taking Antihistamines. This is the third such instance of urticaria after taking Nitrofurantoin i - 51% more...
    Nirupmajs- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  9. link Dk1017
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous stomach pain, chest pains, medicine
    (Nitrofurant Monohy) I've been on this medicine for 6 days and recently have been experiencing chest pains, SHARP and intense stomach pain and my pee was light green this morning. I wasn't sure if this was a side effect or could be due to something e - 24% more...
    Dk1017- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  10. link Munchie004
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous continuation, sleep
    continuation to my last post..... I have also not been able to sleep - 4 hours last night is all I was able to get.
    Munchie004- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  11. link Munchie004
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous antibotic, stomach pain, restroom, chills, car accident
    I have had a UTI for 2 months, this is my 2nd antibiotic. The other one calmed my symptoms and reduced the burning and the need to pee but then it came back after about 2 weeks. I am now on 100mg of Nitro and have been for only 2 days and I am gettin - 55% more...
    Munchie004- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  12. link Aimorson
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous rash, medication
    arms, legs, hands, etc.....itching and rash!!!! rash progressing daily as i took the medication!!
    Aimorson- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  13. link Iflyua99
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous stomach problems, uti, headache, lunch, sleep
    I have never been so tired in my life. I took this last night for UTI and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me today. I had to sleep during my lunch and after work. I will not ! take this one more day. Actually the UTI is better than the way I - 20% more...
    Iflyua99- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  14. link Mari08
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous nausia, migraine, headaches, flu, stomach
    Severe nausea, pounding headaches I initially thought was a migraine starting. Pain, general discomfort in my stomach, dizzy, exhausted, no energy. I feel so unwell. Almost as if I gastric flu. Couldn't eat I felt like I was going to be so sick. Ther - 12% more...
    Mari08- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  15. link Lovedrop
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous short of breath, levaquin, uti, whole lot, flu
    The doctor prescribed Nitrofuran for my UTI. I took one pill and could not sleep the entire night. I had severe piercing pain in my stomach, felt short of breath, and started to sweat. That one pill made me feel terrible, worse than having the flu. I - 44% more...
    Lovedrop- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  16. link Cystexteam
    In the future, the urinary pain relieving agent, sodium salicyate, found in over-the-counter Cystex®, effectively treats the painful symptoms of a UTI –and without producing bright orange- to red-colored urine as with other UTI products! Cystex® is a - 66% more...
    Cystexteam- over a year ago
  17. link Bonniemdinfo
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous water blister, flu like, flu
    body had water blister sores everywhere, with flu like symptoms
    Bonniemdinfo- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  18. link Vonnee
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous urine, medication, headache
    I have been taking this medication for 2 days and I have had headache's and nausea and now my urine has now turned green! Is this another side affect or do I need to panic????
    Vonnee- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  19. link Stargazer2410
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous pounding in ears, bladder infections, runny nose, tool 1, antibiotics
    08/19/2007 5:00pm tool 1 Nitrofurant Monohy 100mg - by 10:00pm couldn't sleep, fever 101, severe runny nose, pounding in ears, headache, complete cure of horrid inflammed bladder with one pill - hope my next 6 1/2 are better. I have been on 4 other a - 24% more...
    Stargazer2410- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  20. link Perrunn
    Perrunn- over a year ago
  21. link Mariette
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous mild headache, bladder infection, watery eyes, lethargic, antibiotic
    I'm a 39 year old female and i'm using 50 mg 4 x a day for 5 days because of a bladder infection. I can't remember feeling this lousy taking an antibiotic: tired and dizzy, no appetite, painful limbs, watery eyes that sting, mild headache, lethargic.
    Mariette- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  22. link Donald_c
    hearing change
    Has a change in hearing been reported as a side effect of Nitorfurant Monohy? I had fever and chills. Then my hearing changed so that sounds seemed "tinny". Thank you. Donald C.
    Donald_c- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  23. link Mbarry2033
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous rapid heart beat, dull headache, blood pressure, uti, sulfur
    woke up at 2:00 with rapid heart beat that lasted all day - flu like symptons as well as a dull headache. Was taking this med for a UTI. I am allergic to sulfur but don't know if this product contains it. Blood pressure was normal.
    Mbarry2033- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  24. link Labraham
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous cold shivers, severe headaches, hot sweats, appatite, numbness
    I'm a 33 year old female. While taking Nitrofurant I was sick for 7 plus days with flu like symptoms, cold shivers and hot sweats, severe headaches, nausea, numbness in my finertips and toes, severe pain in my legs, severe vomiting, lack of appatite, - 29% more...
    Labraham- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  25. link Nelpleij
    Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous little fever
    After taking the first capsule I had a little fever that became higher at night. This lasted for a couple of days. I also feel a bit dizzy.
    Nelpleij- over a year ago - in Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous