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  1. link Thndrsky59
    Can I drink water after the dissolving
    My mother and I were talking about the fact of drinking water after the dissolving of my nitroquick tablet. Does it break the effects of the tablet do - 24% more...
    Thndrsky59- over a year ago - in Nitroquick
  2. link Navysealwayne2000
    Nitroquick aching, nitro, headache
    some times when i take nitroquick,,,i get a brief aching in my arms for about the same length i do as the nitro releated headache (probably 15 sec) or - 13% more...
    Navysealwayne2000- over a year ago - in Nitroquick
  3. link Kim22
    Nitroquick heart catheterization, chest pain, anxiety attack, cardiologist, chills
    I was having pains whenever I took in a breath so I took 1 NitroQuick pill and it didn't help, so I took 1 more and it still didn't help, but I starte - 66% more...
    Kim22- over a year ago - in Nitroquick
  4. link Linze94
    Nitroquick lbs
    if you have ibs this will cause a severe attack after 2 doses trust me
    Linze94- over a year ago - in Nitroquick
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