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  1. link Voodoo108
    Nordette-28 expirence, nordette
    personally i never had a good experience with Nordette i got a infection. gained weight my skin broke out it was terrible guess my body never agreed w - 23% more...
    Voodoo108- over a year ago - in Nordette-28
  2. link Jenniferann
    side effect of nordette
    is it really true that nordette can gain weight? i dont want to gain weight anymore coz im already big. how can i control it?
    Jenniferann- over a year ago - in Nordette-28
  3. link Gottaluvit
    Nordette-28 gyno
    I was on this pill for 4 years and had no side effects. I was currently switched by my gyno and regretting his choice to change me. I am going back on - 7% more...
    Gottaluvit- over a year ago - in Nordette-28
  4. link Trixiedomino
    Nordette-28 experiences
    I'm trying to see other's experiences w/this product!
    Trixiedomino- over a year ago - in Nordette-28
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