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  1. link K5a30f59
    Novocain headache and neck pain, muscle actions, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, inner ear
    I recently had Novocaine injected for a lower molar crown insertion. After one week I have been experiencing jaw pain, tooth sensitivity (the molar), - 63% more...
    K5a30f59- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Novocain
  2. link Amiebemis
    Novocain tounge
    It's been 5 days and it hasn't worn off! my tounge is completely knumb
    Amiebemis- over a year ago - in Novocain
  3. link Ltha32
    Novocain jaw muscles
    Severe pain/soreness in the jaw muscles directly affected by the novocain - lasting up to 4 days
    Ltha32- over a year ago - in Novocain
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