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  1. link Belmaziz
    patient affected by mutiple sclerosis
    Is that medicine can help for this kind of deasis?
    Belmaziz- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Octagam
  2. link Ghc
    Octagam saline drip, infusion rate, stroke, protocols
    I suffered a stroke immediately following treatment with Octagam. Treatment was given in the UK within accepted protocols, but the stroke was apparent - 61% more...
    Ghc- over a year ago - in Octagam
  3. link Nejra
    octagam effects
    when we can use octagam?
    Nejra- over a year ago - in Octagam
  4. link Amanda_cooper
    Octagam migraine headache, neck stiffness, sensitive to light, dizziness
    severe migraine headache, nausea, blurres vision, neck stiffness, dizzyness, sensitive to light
    Amanda_cooper- over a year ago - in Octagam
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