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  1. link Ellmar
    accuracy of octreo scan
    It is my understanding that octreo scans are accurate 85% of the time, but what is the percentage in relationship to the whole picture ie: is it accur - 21% more...
    Ellmar- over a year ago - in Octreoscan
  2. link Ctscott
    correct time for octroscan
    Diagnosed with typical carcinoid lower right lung. Had it removed by lobotomy. Margins negative- not spread to lymph nodes. Had test 1 month after sur - 58% more...
    Ctscott- over a year ago - in Octreoscan
  3. link Pzimmermann
    Abnormal Scan
    If an accumulation in the gall bladder is found 24 hours after injection, what indication is given
    Pzimmermann- over a year ago - in Octreoscan
  4. link Tlagravenis
    Neuroendocrine Tumors
    Would an Octero Scan help with the treatment of Neuroendocrine tumors
    Tlagravenis- over a year ago - in Octreoscan
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