Omega-3 Side Effects

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  1. link Mgamble
    Omega-3 Ingredients
    Which is more important EPA or DHA? I'm looking at two containers of Omega-3; one contains 1250mg of Omega-3 with 650mg EPA and 500mg DHA. The other contains 1400mg Omega-3 with 1000mg EPA and 200mg DHA. Which is the better product? M Gamble
    Mgamble- over a year ago - in Omega-3
  2. link Yong
    Omega-3 omega 3, cholestrol level, bloating, ultrasound scan, medication
    I started this medication about 3 months ago after learning from friends that it help them to reduce their cholestrol level.Eversince then I started to get this bloating sensation at my abdomen and eventually I seek a doctor for help not knowing this - 58% more...
    Yong- over a year ago - in Omega-3