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  1. link Laroma
    question missed periods
    I have as a norm iregular periods ie: 6 weeks on one week off or when I was on marvelon I had my period for nine days at a time minimum, my new doctor - 55% more...
    Laroma- over a year ago - in Ortho Micronor
  2. link Laurieann0644
    Ortho Micronor irregular periods, blood clots, second opinion, medical history, ankles
    I started Micronor at the beginning of May 2010. I have been on it for a month and 2 days into my second pack. I had to go on progesterone only pills - 86% more...
    Laurieann0644- over a year ago - in Ortho Micronor
  3. link Kimzink
    silent abortions?
    Can taking Micronor cause an abortion by not allow a fertilized egg to be implanted in the uterine wall? Or does it in all cases stop the egg from mat - 38% more...
    Kimzink- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Ortho Micronor
  4. link Diamnds728
    Ortho Micronor
    love it
    Diamnds728- over a year ago - in Ortho Micronor
  5. link Jos
    Micronor and your thyroid
    I was recently diagnosed with hypothyrodism and I am on Micronor; can Micronor affect ones thyroid gland?
    Jos- over a year ago - in Ortho Micronor
  6. link Shelrae
    Switching pills?
    Am I at a greater risk to get pregnant if I switched from Trinessa, which is a Tricyclen birth control to Ortho Micronor, which is only Progesterone? - 53% more...
    Shelrae- over a year ago - in Ortho Micronor
  7. link Malip
    breast enlargement and tenderness with micrnor
    please does anyone know a way to get rid of the breast enlargemnent and tenderness with micronor? (is it water retention or something or does it stop - 34% more...
    Malip- over a year ago - in Ortho Micronor
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