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  1. link Norslernhurse
    It doesn't work
    What if the Osmo Prep doesn't work?
    Norslernhurse- over a year ago - in OsmoPrep
  2. link Andrea2755
    When do bowel movements end
    How long after you take the last dose of OsmoPres will your bgowel movements end?
    Andrea2755- over a year ago - in OsmoPrep
  3. link Tb1940
    Safety of OsmoPrep
    If you've been constipated for several days before the prep, and have abdominal discomfort, and haven't eaten much of anything for over a week, are th - 49% more...
    Tb1940- over a year ago - in OsmoPrep
  4. link Alberta10
    OsmoPrep bloating, stomach
    burning stomach, severe bloating
    Alberta10- over a year ago - in OsmoPrep
  5. link Mom_teachfun
    OsmoPrep loose bowels, test time, npo, reading a book, cold day
    I found OsmoPrep easy to take and tolerate. Until I finished the second round. I just had two hours left to Drink.....I was to be NPO from midnight un - 85% more...
    Mom_teachfun- over a year ago - in OsmoPrep
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