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  1. link Zerelda
    Ovidrel jection 250mcg
    I had Ovidrel, a week later I start bleeding??? What can it be???
    Zerelda- over a year ago - in Ovidrel
  2. link Shamock22
    ovidrel after ovulation
    I had my first visit to the fertility doctor and had just ovulated on 25th and prescribed an a shot of ovidrel on the 29th as a booster? Everything I - 41% more...
    Shamock22- over a year ago - in Ovidrel
  3. link Anadairy
    Ovidrel side effect
    i am geting rashes all over my body is this a reaction??
    Anadairy- over a year ago - in Ovidrel
  4. link Lch72
    Ovidrel Question
    I took ovidrel this evening (Saturday). My inseminations are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday morning. Shouldn't I be getting inseminated on Sunday an - 24% more...
    Lch72- over a year ago - in Ovidrel
  5. link Pjlindgren
    Ovidrel blood test, aol, margin of error, clomid
    I took ovidrel and was wondering if can delay your cycle? I also took clomid and dont see cycle delaying as a side effects. my period is 5 days late. - 52% more...
    Pjlindgren- over a year ago - in Ovidrel
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