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  1. link Nxdeen
    My daughter used periomed for 3 weeks based upon her dentist's recommendation. She had blisters and sores in her mouth and tongue, her tongue was numb - 66% more...
    Nxdeen- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  2. link Glenbrook3057
    Perio Med bitter taste on tongue, afew days, couple of days, few days
    bitter taste on tongue. stopped using perio med, bitter taste went away after a couple of days. tried using it again after a few days, bitter taste ca - 26% more...
    Glenbrook3057- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  3. link Prakashrishu
    Peridex mouthwash
    I am suffering from periodontal problems. I heard about Peridex, which is helpful in the treatment. Can I use this liquid mouthwash and is it availabl - 20% more...
    Prakashrishu- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  4. link Behkey
    Perio Med full strength, rash on, dentist
    My dentist has me sleeping with full-strength Perio Med in bleaching trays. Since I began doing this, I have broken out into a rash on my legs. Could - 15% more...
    Behkey- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  5. link Jessi
    Perio Med dry mouth
    Is periomed Ok to use if u suffer from dry mouth?
    Jessi- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  6. link Vivien
    sore undere a denture
    About a week ago I developed a tender spot under my denture. It became an open little area that is painful when I chew. I've been rinsing frequently w - 65% more...
    Vivien- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  7. link Nelson5156
    Want to buy periomed
    Nelson5156- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  8. link Elenaojed
    Perio Med prescription medicines, bad taste, dentist, teeth
    It says on the bottle that the stains on the teeth would happen and that you could get it removed by your dentist when you went for a cleaning or what - 41% more...
    Elenaojed- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  9. link Nickalusz
    Perio Med teeth staining, numbness, tongue
    Severe teeth staining, as well as numbness of the tongue.
    Nickalusz- over a year ago - in Perio Med
  10. link Allyssasmom
    Perio Med bad taste in mouth, white film, tounge
    White film left on tounge and continual bad taste in mouth
    Allyssasmom- over a year ago - in Perio Med
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