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  1. link Periwinkle24
    petroleum jelly to pregnant women
    im 7 months pregnant and my tummy itch so much, can i use pertoleum jelly to soothe the itchiness? is it safe for my baby?
    Periwinkle24- over a year ago - in Petroleum Jelly
  2. link Kimh55
    Not feeling well after using it on face
    Not sure if it's related or not but I started using petroleum jelly on my face for deep wrinkles (which is working, by the way). I started about 3 wee - 62% more...
    Kimh55- over a year ago - in Petroleum Jelly
  3. link Justglenda
    Yesterday my 16 year old son's lips swelled up and turned dark red within minutes after the dental hygenist applied petroleum jelly to his lips. Two d - 71% more...
    Justglenda- over a year ago - in Petroleum Jelly
  4. link Yolablanchett
    Petroleum Jelly cold winter weather, complextion, hyperpigmented, healing process, third day
    I am extremely allergic to petroleum. I found out when I applied Petroleum Jelly all over my face for four day in order to endure the harsh cold winte - 75% more...
    Yolablanchett- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Petroleum Jelly
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