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  1. link Staypositive
    Phenobarbital in OTC Medications
    Do any current OTC medications contain low levels of phenobarbital?
    Staypositive- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  2. link Ssuire
    List of Phenobarbitol medications
    May I have a list of medications that fall under phenobarbitol meds? I just wanted to know which medications had this (phenobarbitol) in them? Please - 42% more...
    Ssuire- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  3. link Rudmac_1
    Phenobarbital long periods of time, tieing shoes, one thing at a time, phenobarbitol, counciling
    When I was pregnant with my son [third child] I was given phenobarbitol and syniquan to keep me from delivering to soon. My son is and has always been - 79% more...
    Rudmac_1- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  4. link Gail_petrone2000
    Phenobarbital pheno, phenobarbitol, wide awake, weaning, withdrawals
    In January my doctor started weaning me off of phenobarbitol. (reason I havent had a seizure for 9 years) On February 11, I took my last pheno. I had - 77% more...
    Gail_petrone2000- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  5. link Renee657
    Renee657- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
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