Phenobarbital Side Effects

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  1. link Staypositive
    Phenobarbital in OTC Medications
    Do any current OTC medications contain low levels of phenobarbital?
    Staypositive- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  2. link Ssuire
    List of Phenobarbitol medications
    May I have a list of medications that fall under phenobarbitol meds? I just wanted to know which medications had this (phenobarbitol) in them? Please let me know if you have answers regarding my question. Thank you I'd appreciate it very much! Thank - 3% more...
    Ssuire- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  3. link Rudmac_1
    Phenobarbital long periods of time, tieing shoes, one thing at a time, phenobarbitol, counciling
    When I was pregnant with my son [third child] I was given phenobarbitol and syniquan to keep me from delivering to soon. My son is and has always been several steps behind children his on age. He was delayed in tieing shoes,riding a bike,he wet the b - 64% more...
    Rudmac_1- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  4. link Gail_petrone2000
    Phenobarbital pheno, phenobarbitol, wide awake, weaning, withdrawals
    In January my doctor started weaning me off of phenobarbitol. (reason I havent had a seizure for 9 years) On February 11, I took my last pheno. I had trouble getting to sleep at night I would only total 4-5 hours sleep a night but I felt great during - 61% more...
    Gail_petrone2000- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital
  5. link Renee657
    Renee657- over a year ago - in Phenobarbital